101 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in 2023

Get Quality Backlinks

When we discuss SEO Or how to get high quality backlinks, we typically distinguish between on-site and off-site SEO.

The major components of off-site SEO are social signals and backlinks. In particular, you need to obtain high-quality connections from other authoritative websites to raise your SERP ranking.

We all understand the value of search engine traffic and that improving your blog is one of the finest strategies to increase search engine traffic and achieve better results. This article provides a list of 51 strategies for building trusty backlinks to your blog.

You must consider both the quality of the connections and the many options for anchor text when developing backlinks. Start establishing links to internal pages rather than just placing several hyperlinks on your homepage.

Before continuing, you can verify the amount of backlinks to your domain or the domain name of a rival using the widget below:

Work on resource sites such as “WordPress guide” and create links to them now. By doing so, you can quickly target single- or double-word keywords.

Here are some link-building strategies you should avoid using before I begin my 101 lists:

  1. Prevent using footer links to access the entire site (WordPress themes or plugins)
  2. Refrain from purchasing exact anchor text links; instead, keep a range of 40%-20%-20%-10%-10%.
  3. Refrain from purchasing mass links from websites like Fiverr
  4. Avoid private link networks (Build My Rank was one such network that received a penalty).
  5. Do not use BlogRoll links
  6. The effectiveness of links in article directories has decreased.

Therefore, bear them in mind as you begin your high quality backlink building effort. The greatest approach to gaining a high-quality link out of all the ways now in use is through guest posts, which will also help you drive traffic to your website.

Smart SEO guide to building quality backlinks

Get Quality Backlinks
Get Quality Backlinks

 1.Broken link building:

Using this technique, you can gain backlinks from high-quality pages quickly. Finding broken links on a website that is relevant to your topic and emailing the content owner to let them know about it is a broken link-building tactic. In addition, please provide them with a comparable link to the content you currently have on your website and urge them to improve their post.

2. Obtain high-quality connections from document-sharing websites:

how to get high quality backlinks: Convert your blog entries to PDF and submit them to these websites, which are among the best:

Slideshare, Scribd, Issuu, Authorstream, Zoho, and Wattpad are among the examples.

3. Get a backlink from Amazon:

Create an ebook out of one of your lengthy articles and upload it to the Amazon store using kdp.amazon.com. Naturally, you want the book to remain free, and you can include your company name in the description. Despite the fact that Amazon does not permit links in descriptions, this citation is so strong that it will help you build your backlink profile.

4. Profile on a social networking site

It’s possible to obtain high-quality backlinks to your website using this excellent and underutilized technique.

The page rank of many social networking and social bookmarking websites is high. You will receive this rank on your account.

Simply adding your website URL to social networking sites’ “about” fields can help you build a significant number of high-quality backlinks.

Here are some starting points for websites:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. Youtube

You can include links to your website and other websites in your bio on a lot of these websites. Do it, you ought to. It’s crucial to leverage these linkages wisely rather than underestimating their strength.


Only some people should use this backlink development strategy, but if used properly, it can have a big impact.

The best approach to get a backlink is still with a high-quality infographic. This method is effective in less well-known markets. What you actually require is an excellent educational infographic. You can ask the designer on your team to make one or use any freelance websites if you have one on staff. Here is an example of an infographic.

As soon as your infographic is complete, you should contact bloggers who are more likely to post it on their blog. They typically link to your website from the source, which is a good strategy for building high-quality one-way backlinks.

6. Press Statement

Utilizing press release websites is another excellent approach to gaining high-quality backlinks into your blog.

Press release websites can help you gain many high-quality backlinks if you use them correctly since they distribute content to numerous smaller pages that are quickly picked up by news websites, giving you more exposure and better backlinks.

Make sure your press release title is intriguing and interesting if you want to get the most out of it. This Statement will increase interest in your press releases.

To obtain a backlink from numerous websites, you also need to ensure that your article has a connection to your website.

7.Guest Blogging

Updated on July 2020: It appears that Google dislikes backlink development through guest writing. “The part that’s problematic is the links — if you’re providing the content/the links, then those links shouldn’t be passing signals & should have the rel-sponsored / rel-nofollow attached,” John Muller, a Google official, recently noted. It’s acceptable to consider it a means of expanding your audience.

Guest blogging shouldn’t be your goal while trying to build links. Even so, it still works well for citation and raising your E-T-A rating.

Creating quality one-way backlinks to your website through guest blogging is yet another excellent strategy.

In contrast to article marketing, guest blogging generates high-quality, authoritative backlinks. This Update is due to the fact that Google trusts the majority of the blogs you will be writing for and that they don’t post duplicate content.

Numerous blogs have high page ranks as well, and your content can appear on their home page for a while.

You may even attract extra links to your post if you publish a fantastic one. Guest Posting translates into greater authority for your website.

8. Commenting

Many people wonder if using blog comments to gain backlinks is possible.

Even while you shouldn’t spam someone’s site in an attempt to earn backlinks, you can still benefit from this strategy by leaving insightful comments.

It’s also crucial to understand that no-follow comments are useless for constructing backlinks.

The best comments are those that do follow. Obtaining do-follow comment backlinks, however, is a challenge today.

1. Submit a guest post to another blog (see the list of blogs where you can do this).

2. Make sure the blogs you comment on that get follow-up are pertinent to your blogs. Even if they don’t have a lot of link value, they will still be good for your blog’s total link profile.

3. Create Forum Topics That Are Relevant and Include Links to Your Blog Posts

4. Include a link to your blog in your forum signature (only on forums of a high caliber)

5. You should target the following networks: Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, to mention a few. Social bookmarking is also regarded as backlinks.

6. Use message boards by posting links to your blog in threads. One such HQ discussion board is Quora.

7. Use blogging communities by submitting your blog posts to them. Blog Engage and Inbound are wonderful places to start.

8. Post inquiries about your blog on answer websites like Yahoo Answers, linking to it in your inquiries.

9. Respond to queries on Yahoo Answers and provide credit to your blog as the source

10. When writing on your blog, connect to other posts and other pages on your site.

11. With other bloggers in your niche, trade links. Make sure to create a natural link pyramid.

12. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging Directories (Find a List of Blog Directories Here) (Again, Quality Materials Here)

13. Send an email asking bloggers that cover the same subject to share it on social media. You never know how big of a difference one kind of email can make.

14. Enter your blog in reputable specialty directories.

15. Build relationships with other bloggers in your niche (both online and offline), and links will come your way.

16. Post your blog entries on all the social bookmarking sites you are aware of.

20. Put some effort into getting your blog popular on the best social bookmarking networks; this will offer you a ton of high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. Utilize press releases and distribute them when there are significant blog changes. You may also send a press release comparing the top products in your industry.

23. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories; to get started, see this list of RSS directories.

24. Review your blog in the forums because most forums have a forum for website reviews.

26. Provide a link to your blog in a free WordPress plugin that you release. However, keep in mind that sitewide anchor text links are harmful and should not be kept.

29. Review reputable businesses and their goods, and you can get links in return. Let’s get in touch with them and inform them of your review. The fantastic evaluations about them are frequently featured on their press page. You can carefully choose products from businesses that emphasize reviews on their websites.

30. Link to many bloggers in your weekly link love piece; they’ll probably return the favor. Utilize SEO for outbound links.

31. Conduct interviews with well-known bloggers and ask them to assist you in sharing on their preferred social media platforms; in turn, their followers will connect to your interview.

32. By offering testimonials to marketers and including your link in return, they are likely to connect back to you.

37. Try to be one of the first people to write news posts.

39. Request interviews from other blogs.

40. Produce linkbait articles.

41.Write top-list posts since they have a good chance of going viral.

42. Compose a post contrasting a few of the greatest gurus in your field.

44. Exchange blog posts with other writers in your niche.

46. Submit your blog to forums and blogs with the.edu and.gov domains because Google loves backlinks from these websites and sees them as authoritative sources.

47.Utilize Facebook groups, number

48. Add your link to the resources section of your own Wikipedia page.

51. Launch a blogging competition with a requirement that includes a link to your blog.

52. You can sponsor blogging competitions and gain a lot of backlinks from doing so.

53. Make charitable donations; many of these sites will link back to your website.

54. Create a useful tool, and plenty of people will connect to it to your blog.

55. Launch a significant product.

56.At all costs, get the news out.

57.Release your own Firefox or Chrome extension, create a page for it, and plenty of people will link to it!

58.Blog about famous people.

59. Offer your services to the best clients in your industry.

60.Write 101 content; they are more likely to receive social and organic link love.

61.Creating a top bloggers award and distributing it to as many bloggers in your niche as you can will encourage them to link back to you.

62. Get in touch with your theme designer and ask them to include a link to your blog in their portfolio using your website as an example.

63. Write detailed tutorials and manuals for your blog; these posts frequently earn backlinks.

64. Make linking to your blog a prerequisite to obtain a superb ebook or membership site.

65. Include a link to your blog in your resume and submit it to resume directories.

Write how-to articles; they also frequently receive more backlinks.

67.Write articles that begin with numbers, such as “7 ways to,” as these articles are more likely to receive backlinks.

68. Submit your photographs to image directories and make it a requirement to utilize them so that they have a link to your blog in their copyright notice.

69. Enter a blogging competition; if you win, you’ll probably earn backlinks.

70.Have a page on your blog called “link to us” or “spread the word” that asks users to link to you. It’s crucial to make it simple for them by putting your straight HTML code there using your selected anchor text.

71. Submit your website to local business directories; Google values links coming from authoritative websites.

72.Write on about.com and include a link to your blog; this will probably be crawled and used by many websites, boosting the number of backlinks to your blog.

73. Make good use of April Fool’s Day.

74. Make really expensive jokes on your blog, but make sure to make the joke clear underneath the post (tricky, huh?). For example, if you say, “Apple has bought Google for $260 billion,” you’ll receive a ton of links and retweets before anyone realizes it’s a joke.

75.Create niche-specific tutorials that are not just one-of-a-kind but also beneficial to the community. Such instructional articles receive numerous backlinks.

76. Produce popular YouTube videos that connect to your blog in both the video’s description and the video itself.

78. On your blogs, provide a ton of free downloads.

79. Regular blog updates will increase visitors to your website and increase your ranking for additional keywords, which will lead to more backlinks in the future.

80.Write a fantastic post with lots of photographs in it; make the post entirely of images.

81.Write a post comparing several businesses and services to determine which is best; the best business will probably link to it.

82. Compare various top items and link to them; this encourages links. For example, you may compare a Mac with a PC. Make careful to compare items that are relevant to your expertise.

83. Compile a number of expensive items of good quality and make them freely available (but watch out that you are not infringing in any manner on the owner’s copyrights!)

84.Create a directory for your blog and emphasize the need for others to link back to you by giving those who do so higher placement and a free advertisement on your site.

85. Beta-test a lot of things and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement; the owner may choose to link to you.

86. If you conduct surveys on your blog and publish the results for everyone to see, you will undoubtedly receive a lot of backlinks to your site.

87. List the “top 10 myths” or “top 10 mistakes” concerning a subject.

88. Establish yourself as an authority in your field and work to attract media attention.

89. Offer to speak at conferences and seminars in your niche. When introducing yourself, don’t mention your site; this will help you gain some backlinks.

90. Possess a distinctive writing style that draws readers in.

91. Be honest in your blog posts.

93. Post a listing for your product on Amazon or eBay with a link to your blog.

94. Produce a podcast, upload it to iTunes, and include a link to your blog in it.

95. Develop online applications and publish them to app stores like Producthunt.

96. Create a fantastic and extremely helpful whitepaper, then ask your blogging pals to help you promote it online. Make sure the whitepaper contains a link to your blog.

97. Hold a contest where participants can receive free physical goods in exchange for connecting to your blog.

98. Make an effort to keep up with the hottest (now trending) stories so you can blog about them.

99. Write blogs on significant occasions like Independence Day and similar occasions.

Launch your affiliate marketing campaign.

101. You will start to gain links quickly if you add a news section to your blog that is routinely updated with news related to your subject.

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