How to Increase Blog Traffic? [9 Tips for 2024]


How to Increase Blog Traffic: Do you want more people to read your blog?

In that case, why do you need them? Moreover, why must they visit your blog regularly?

How to Increase Blog Traffic
How to Increase Blog Traffic

All of these inquiries have solutions. Although it is not as simple as you might think, growing your blog’s readership will allow you to stop worrying about its traffic.

It is now important to increase more readers because doing so will increase blog traffic. Here, I will discuss a few strategies for boosting blog readership.

When attracting visitors to your blog, you should concentrate more on turning those visitors into readers. This problem is significant for many beginning bloggers who write about multiple niches. Getting targeted traffic and working on a niche website are the simplest ways to convert visitors into readers.

Not only will having a niche blog help you get more page views, but search engines will also give your blog more visibility. Let us assume that you have followed all instructions to the letter so far and are receiving good search engine traffic.

It is time to advance your blog and increase the number of blog subscribers you have. What sort of traffic and other advice will help you attract more readers than others?

Who are the readers of blogs?

Your blog’s readership statistics include people who subscribe to your blog through various channels. They may follow your blog updates via Twitter, Facebook fan pages, email updates, feeds, or other methods. These readers voluntarily subscribed to your updates because they enjoyed your blog.

The real asset for any blogger or webmaster is the number of subscribers to their blog. We must always be sure that a search engine algorithm update will completely remove your site from search engine indexing and turn your regular readers into your most valuable assets.

9 Ways To How to Increase Blog Traffic

1. To increase subscribers, use social media sites

to How to Increase Blog Traffic first, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few social media sites that can offer a great platform for attracting more blog readers. An active social media presence will aid you in developing a large readership for your blog.

Make sure you spend quality time on social media sites to engage with other bloggers and influencers in your niche, regardless of how busy you are with your offline or online jobs.

One of the biggest errors bloggers need to improve on social media is increasing likes and shares at the expense of community building. When your readers are interested in your words, they will like and share your content more.

It is key to make your blog’s readers and followers feel like they are a part of your community. I always refer to Our readers as “Family” for this reason.

To establish strong bonds with your audience, promote your best content and leave frequent comments.

However, do not be a scumbag and only promote your products; if you only talk about yourself and your blog, nobody will be interested in either. Share other people’s content in a win-win manner; eventually, they will do the same for you.

How to Increase Blog Trafficuse social media sites to increase your blog’s long-term readership

  • If you are a busy blogger, you can schedule content using apps like Socialpilot (for beginners) or AgoraPulse (for seasoned bloggers). Your main responsibility will then become boosting engagement on your pages.
  • To stay active on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, I use a combination of Flipboard, Pocket, and Feedly.

2. Network with Other bloggers

In blogging, relationships are everything.

For a blog to succeed, it needs deep connections and a strong network of bloggers and influencers.

The more connections you establish around your blog, the higher the calibre of your readership will be. When your audience is flourishing, everything else is incredibly simple.

You will experience increased sales, profits, traffic, and online visibility.

Connect with other people by reading their blogs. To quickly establish these wonderful connections, try guest posting, leaving comments on their blogs, and sending them emails about their posts.

Do not be selfish once more! On your blogs, introduce their blogs or their best posts to your readers. By doing so, you will be actively creating a solid network of other bloggers and a great online reputation.

3. Implement the strategy of guest blogging

Undoubtedly, guest blogging is one of the best ways to develop a brand for your blog quickly.

In addition to generating high-quality backlinks, guest blogging also increases your online visibility and the number of readers who visit your blogs.

Tips for effective guest blogging include:

  • Never publish low-quality content as a guest; always write posts of the highest calibre. People will only return to your blog and follow you if your posts are amazing, distinctive, and exceptionally good.
  • Try to get your guest posts published on well-known blogs because they will always help you gain devoted readers, more email subscribers, and more sales.
  • Research the blogs you want to guest post on. In this manner, you will learn how to write to appeal to that particular audience.
  • Strive to post as a guest blogger on blogs with a larger following than your own.

4. Ensure your blog has high-quality content.

Nobody will be interested in reading your content if your website does not have excellent blog posts.

Writing generic posts will only help you if you have much online influence.

You can create much better blog posts by doing this. Determine the issues that your audience is facing. Build a network around them and what they need by knowing what they want.

To understand what other influencers write on their websites, research and connect with them. To increase their readership, look at how they interact with readers on their blogs.

5. Invest money on the blog’s layout

In blogging, first impressions are very important.

Make your blog design look professional to catch other bloggers’ attention quickly.

As smartphone users rise daily, ensure your blog offers a mobile-friendly theme. Because Astra Theme is quick and has built-in schema markup, I use and endorse it.

6. React to everyone

Regardless of how busy you are, take the time to reply to your readers.

Most readers will use blog comments and emails to communicate their issues. They will become devoted supporters of you and your sites if you promptly address their concerns and find solutions. Try to communicate with them by leaving comments on their blogs, on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and by answering their emails.

[Tweet, “This is how the blogosphere’s most popular blogs are built. “]

You will undoubtedly make a significant impact if you reply to your readers and other bloggers.

Be aware of how crucial it is to develop positive relationships with your blog’s readers. You need raving, engaged, and active fans to support you as you build an amazing, long-lasting blog.

These are some of the methods that have been successful for me.

7. Discuss current Topics in your Niche

People always love to learn something new, so use all your resources to search the Internet for a trending subject that is in demand. After deciding on a topic, write a long article with lots of details and publish it.

Attempt to cover an important and popular topic among your audience first. Setting up a Google alert or signing up for an email newsletter of official product pages is simple. It encourages new visitors to your blog daily ( regular blog readers).

You can gain more recognition from other important players in your niche and some high-quality links to your website by breaking news first and covering it thoroughly. Cover a subject that interests everyone and provide in-depth coverage of it.

8. Introduce subscription options for update

On the Internet, numerous email subscription services enable readers to receive the most recent blog post in their inboxes.

Therefore, have an email subscription box on your blog in the appropriate locations [keep it where people will notice it most], and provide a compelling description for your subscription box-like. To receive all of our Problogging tips in your inbox, subscribe to our blog.

People will become interested in it and subscribe to your blog. It is one of the best ways to increase blog readership by turning one-time visitors into subscribers and regular readers.

Additionally, stick to more than just one subscription service. People use a variety of platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, content syndication websites, and more, to stay up to date on the news. Consider our earlier article on Must-Have Subscription Options for Your Blog.

9. A special subscription page:

You can take this away from Bepreneurs and use it to attract more specific readers to your blog. You will be helped even more if you have a dedicated page or post with various subscription options. On this page for Bepreneurs subscribers, you can see an example.

You can also write a post occasionally to remind readers to follow your blog on different social media platforms. Every two to three months, you can always republish the posts that remind you to subscribe. It will make it easier for new visitors to subscribe to your blog.

There are undoubtedly other strategies you can use on your blog, and these are just a few ways to increase blog readers.

However, before you optimise your website, start with one thing at a time and evaluate its effectiveness. Consider that many people must become more adept at posting comments or serving as guest bloggers. In that case, focus on other ideas that will help you advance your blog.

Please share any additional advice you may have in the comments section. Please share this advice with your social circle if it is effective and practical.

Shyam Pareek

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